Dog Boarding During the Holidays 

With the holidays quickly approaching, the likelihood is that many of you will be setting sail and spending some time elsewhere – perhaps meeting up with family or getting away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. If you have a pup with you at home, the chances are that you won’t be taking them along with you. This can make many pet owners feel very guilty. Thankfully, Katy Veterinary Clinic offers External link opens in new tab or windowdog boarding services in Katy, Texas! Let’s chat a little more about their work and what they can offer:

Your Vet Is Familiar With Your Dog

When you bring your dog into Katy Veterinary Clinic, you will be entering an establishment that has experience and compassion. The love the vets and staff members have for animals and the commitment they have for the quality of life is through the roof. They’ll know all there is to know about your furry friend and will be able to deal with whatever is thrown at them. The goal is to always be patient and to care for pets as if they are their own.

Dog boarding is not new to this practice and has been a part of the services for years. They’ll take in your pup while you’re away and give them the best possible week, fortnight, or month.

The Facilities  

Based in Katy, Texas, they’re dedicated to providing the most welcoming and friendly environment possible. A sanitized and clean clinic with lots of space is necessary for most veterinary practices, and that’s what they’ll provide. They’ll have all the tools and apparatus in order to keep your dog happy and healthy throughout their stay.

They’ll Receive Immediate Medical Attention

A quick search on their website will allow you to see all relevant information and contact details should you need an immediate answer. You’ll be able to get in touch quickly and solve whatever issue you have in good time.

Those in charge know what to do when it comes to their health. So, should anything negative ever happen during their stay, the vets at hand will be able to tend to them immediately. Fortunately, the dog boarding service comes naturally to staff at Katy’s Veterinary Clinic, so you can rest assured that nothing of the sort would ever be needed. 

You need to make sure you have your dog’s interests dealt with before you focus on your own – you’re the responsible one, after all. Katy’s Veterinary clinic will allow you to take your mind off of things pretty quickly. Your job is to relax during this holiday season, but you should also do what you can to ensure your pet’s vacation is as relaxing as yours. Get in touch with Katy’s Veterinary Clinic today in order to ensure that absolutely happens.